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News 2010

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Sept 2010

Over 160 pupils aged 6-17 years were interviewed and more than 110 were tested in a major expansion of the programme. As a result, nearly 50 new pupils from 20 schools were accepted into the Programme.

Sept 2010

More than 20 potential teachers in 6 subjects (English, German, maths, chemistry, physics and biology) for the Programme were trained in the interactive teaching method.

June 2010

Excursion to Gobustan with pupils of the Programme.

June 2010

Former pupil wins second-best marks of all pupils in Sumgayit in final school exam, wins Presidential scholarship to study medicine.

June 2010

Chemistry lab set has been delivered to the award-winning Istedad School ("Talent School").

5-6 June 2010

Two-day trip to Nabran (Northern Azerbaijan) with 33 current and potential future pupils of the Programme.


News 2011

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How we help the pupils on our Programme:


  • give our pupils individual attention
  • give them tutorials in small groups
  • teach them how to learn by themselves
  • develop their independent, critical thinking
  • develop their ability to express themselves and become more confident
  • give them laboratory classes in the sciences
  • provide educational books, CDs and DVDs to them
  • take them on educational excursions
  • do sports with them to improve their health
  • arrange career advice sessions (in future)



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