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Who we are

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"Our Talents - Our Future" is a non-governmental non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales under number 6718806.

We support pupils who are talented in mathematics, the natural sciences or languages in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan's third largest city. Sumgayit has approximately 360,000 inhabitants (about 1/6th of them refugees) and is located 30 km north of the capital Baku. It is a young city, having been founded only in 1949 to house the workers of Sumgayit's huge chemical industry complex. It suffered under severe pollution during the Soviet period, but since the collapse of the Soviet Union most of the chemical factories have closed down.

Our aim is to help talented pupils in particularly restricted financial circumstances get a better education. In present-day Azerbaijan it is almost impossible be accepted to university by relying only on school education. It is generally accepted that supplementary private lessons are needed to achieve the necessary level of competence to enter higher education, but many families cannot afford them. We focus on pupils with particular talents in mathematics, the natural sciences and languages, as we believe that those are the subjects that are most important in developing the skills needed for Azerbaijan's economic development.

A fundamental feature of our approach is to help pupils become not only good in their chosen subjects, but also to make a contribution to society. One of our key principles is that the greater the ability of a person is, the greater their responsibility towards the community. Thus on joining the programme each pupil enters into a commitment to do community work in exchange for the help they are getting from Our Talents-Our Future. That approach not only develops the sense of social responsibility, but also spreads the benefits that Our Talents - Our Future provides beyond the pupils.

Our Talent - Our Future was founded by Carl Lauer, who is its managing director. The co-ordinator in Azerbaijan is Gulshan Kerimova. You can contact both of them in English or Azerbaijani language via the “Contact us” menu option above.

"Our Talents - Our Future's registered address is at 75 Park Lane, Croydon CR9 1XS, UK.

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How we help the pupils on our Programme:

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  • give our pupils individual attention
  • give them tutorials in small groups
  • teach them how to learn by themselves
  • develop their independent, critical thinking
  • develop their ability to express themselves and become more confident
  • give them laboratory classes in the sciences
  • provide educational books, CDs and DVDs to them
  • take them on educational excursions
  • do sports with them to improve their health
  • arrange career advice sessions (in future)



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