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Pupils' successes

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No matter how limited or significant our contribution to the success of our pupils, it is always a pleasure to see them succeed. The most notable academic successes of our past pupils include:

a) winning the second-highest score awarded in the final school examination in Sumgayit in 2010 and thus obtaining a Presidential scholarship to study medicine.

b) winning a top scholarship to study at the (fee-paying) Turkish Lyceum in Sumgayit in 2009.


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How we help the pupils on our Programme:

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  • give our pupils individual attention
  • give them tutorials in small groups
  • teach them how to learn by themselves
  • develop their independent, critical thinking
  • develop their ability to express themselves and become more confident
  • give them laboratory classes in the sciences
  • provide educational books, CDs and DVDs to them
  • take them on educational excursions
  • do sports with them to improve their health
  • arrange career advice sessions (in future)



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